Poems For Kids
‘Poems For Kids’ is another entertaining book of poetry from children’s poet George Stanworth. The book features spooky poems, school poems, sport poems, animal poems and many more. The book contains 40 poems with titles including ‘Don’t Play Pranks on Porcupines’, ‘The Spooky Soccer Match’, ‘I Haven’t Eaten Much Today’ and ‘The Wicked Witches Tongue Twister’.

Best suited for 5-11 year olds
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 Sum Po2

‘Summer Poems For Children’

is a collection of 60 poems 
based around summer. Poems include ‘Disney Days’, ‘I Think I Need A Wee-Wee’, ‘Crabs Are Experts Brushing Teeth’, ‘Stop That Lollipop!’, ‘I Saw A Mermaid On The Beach’ and ‘A Seagull Ate My Fish And Chips’. Only £3!

Best suited for 5-9 year olds
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‘Moo-Moo The Doodle’
is a collection of 25 children’s poems 
for just £3! Poems include ‘Flipperty Flopperty World’, ‘We Visited A Rainbow’, ‘Quack A Doodle Hula Hoop’ and’ Moo-Moo The Doodle.

Best Suited for 2-5 year olds
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