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An alien spacecraft

landed one day,

and took all the

horrible teachers away.


A raincloud exploded.

All parents got wet.

The children then shouted

‘The greatest day yet!’


The day got even better –

as there were many cheers,

so can you end this poem

with some of your ideas?




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Stamp your feet

and touch the sky.

Do the floss

and shout out ”Why’!”


Boo all teachers.

Turn around.

Pull a face

and touch the ground.


Wiggle toes,

then have a hop.

Be a statue.

Time to stop!


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I’m trying to find a pet.

I can’t find any yet.

It’s so hard to decide.

They’ve all run off to hide.


It’s just so hard to pick.

My parent’s say ” be quick”!

I’m going to get a dog.

He can help me with my vlog


What would you pick?

By Cadence Stanworth age 9