Disney Days


Here is one of my own poems for kids, called ‘Disney Days’.
I hope you enjoy it.

Disney Days

Warmer than a Sheep Dog hug
or happiness rolled in a rug;
dancing dizzy Dulux joy,
whirls and swirls and shouts ‘Ahoy!’
Brighter than a scientist,
the artist’s pallet shines and skips.
Free from Greenwich Mean Time days,
they demonstrate their West End ways.
Talent dazzles, beaming light
into the insides of our life.
Floating like a bubble thought,
playful pigment can’t be caught.

Welcome To My Blog


Hello, and welcome to my blog of poems for kids.

I am a UK children’s poet who has been invited into schools, libraries and Scout Groups throughout the UK to run poetry workshops.

I have self-published a number of books, including ‘Moo-Moo The Doodle’, ‘Don’t Trick Or Treat A Lion’, ‘Summer Poems For Children’ and ‘Summer Poems For Children.’

My influences include Spike Milligan, Michael Rosen, Roald Dahl and Roger McGough.

I will be blogging about some of my favourite poems for kids from famous authors, as well as reviewing some of the best books on the market.

I will also be showcasing some lesser known children’s poets, as well as promoting some of my own poetry.

I hope you enjoy these blogs of poems for kids.

Best wishes,

George Stanworth